Darienne, Inc. offers a variety of services that all have one thing in common - relatable messages and doable strategies that help you and your team succeed.

TRAINING - your team with engaging delivery and customized, relatable, doable content that sticks.  Our most popular topics are:

Getting Organized with Outlook

Smarter Teams Matter

Smarter Time Management Matters

Smarter Communication Matters

Smarter Meetings Matter

SPEAKING - to your audiences offering wisdom, wit, and expertise on the essential messages of leadership, personal development, productivity, and service.

FACILITATING strategic planning sessions with an ability to get to the core vision of an organization, set goals, create buy-in and ultimately help organizations have a clear path to success.

PROFESSIONAL COACHING offers clients the opportunity to focus on what matters to you; to get clear on your values, your gifts and what makes you happy.  It is a life-changing process that can create dramatic and lasting change in your life.  What could you uncover that would allow you to live and create a life that speaks to what is important to you and offers the world your gifts and talents creating space for you to live a balanced and peaceful life?

What interests us is helping you reach success.