My father told me early on in my career to show up.  Just show up a little early he said and stay a few minutes late and do what they ask of you willingly.  I have done that for 35+ years and his theory worked.  I also believe that I have been given people who believed more in me than I did at times.  People who pushed me when I needed it.

I am funny, generous and a damn good speaker.  I am a storyteller that can connect with an audience.  I am a coach - an accountability partner to my clients that help them become the best of who they want to be.  I am a national tourism expert and a productivity expert.  I am a mother, a wife, and a friend.   I am a leader some days. I am a follower on others

I have an unusual name - Darienne  - so if someone has heard it before, they don't tend to forget it.  Thanks, Mom!  I have worked in the tourism industry for over 30 years.  I have worked my way through - starting at a hotel in the early 80's and ending up as the Director of Tourism for Mississippi and Louisiana before starting Darienne Inc in 2006.

Today, my work is as a speaker, trainer, and coach.  In 2016, I received my certification to be a professional coach and that is definitely what I was meant to do in this life. I love to use this training to support others in reaching their potential and to grow.

My career started in a bank in Gulfport, MS in 1982 - I told the Bank Vice President I could type 90 words a minute but have never taken typing.

I loved school supplies when I was little and that is why teaching others about how to make your life work better and be more productive are so exciting to me.



I believe that we all have a small voice within us (our intuition) that is always sending us messages - and if we get quiet enough to hear the voice and abide by those messages, we will always be doing what is best for us. I believe that there is a plan for our lives and a purpose for all of us.  Finding it is the fun part. I believe that organization and order bring peace.


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