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4 Key Strategies in Being Your Best in Daily Intentional Actions

Intentional Action – the key to productivity  I have been coaching clients for several years.  I just reached my 1000th hour of personal growth coaching.  In that time, I have realized that the piece that most of my clients want help with is how to be less busy; how to find time for themselves; how to reduce the stress and anxiety in their lives and how to be healthier.  What I have developed is a strategy or a process for getting what you want with… Read More »4 Key Strategies in Being Your Best in Daily Intentional Actions

dare to choose happy book on desk with lamp and plant

Sharing My Story: Behind the Scenes of Writing My Book – Dare to Choose Happy

Welcome to the behind-the-scenes journey of writing my book, “Dare to Choose Happy.”  In this blog post, I will take you on a captivating ride through the creative process, the challenges faced, and the ultimate triumphs experienced while weaving the threads of my personal story into an inspirational personal development book.  Join me as we dive into the depths of vulnerability, resilience, and the power of choosing happiness. Unveiling the Inspiration How does a person go from writing in her journal to publishing a personal… Read More »Sharing My Story: Behind the Scenes of Writing My Book – Dare to Choose Happy

Tablecloth that says "I am the success story"

What is your Definition of Success?  

For me, success was always about the title. It was about the accomplishment. It was about how many people I managed or how big my budget was — whatever it was that I thought other people would be impressed by. It’s our ego that drives that type of need, and to that wants to label success that way. There’s a spirit side of us that knows what real success is about: are we HAPPY? Are we FULFILLED? Did we do all this stuff, climbing the… Read More »What is your Definition of Success?  

be brave in 2022 with women's executive coaching

Why Pick a Word of the Year?

One Word. Just one word that reminds you about your focus and priority for this year. Ask yourself “what I do I want to be, do, or have this year?” Make a list. Start editing. You want your word to inspire you — to resonate with you.  I’ve picked a word of the year for the past several years. Each year, I think about what really matters – is it trust? Or authentic, dare or peace?  Maybe balance is the right word for you.  … Read More »Why Pick a Word of the Year?

a woman reflecting on her last women's leadership coaching session

Taking an Entire Month Off

Think you can’t do that? That is what I believed when the idea first entered my mind. My sister called to say she had finished her teaching year as she had done many times before. While I know that teachers have little flexibility during the year and need the summer off – I still felt a pang of jealousy. “I work full-time and cannot take the summer off – right?” I started to question myself when I thought that. I have worked to create freedom… Read More »Taking an Entire Month Off

an embarassed woman pulling her face under her sweater to hide

Are there things you are embarrassed about?

Me too!  Check out one of the things I’m most embarrassed about here. Are there moments or actions you wish you could have done differently? There are definitely times like that for me. I’ve got lingering shame and guilt about some things in my past, and I suspect you might too. In this video I share one of those cringe-worthy times and the lesson that made me realize that I needed to make a change. Years ago, I was in a big job (for me)… Read More »Are there things you are embarrassed about?

paper cranes in formation darienne mobley women's leadership coaching

How to Lead: Inside Out

The concept of Leadership has always been kind of fuzzy for me.  How do you know when you are doing it right?  Is it when team members like you, or when you reach a goal as an organization?  Is it when you handle a dispute well?  Do you have to be able to “wow” an audience to be a good leader?    I believe that Leadership is just relationships with results. In order to be the best leader you can be – you need to… Read More »How to Lead: Inside Out

an empty glass cup on a table

You Can’t Give from an Empty Cup

What do you need today? Do you know the answer to that question? I ask myself that every morning in my quiet time. It is such a simple question and my answers are usually the same – I need to get that project finished; I need to buy milk; I need to exercise; I need to talk to a friend; I need to read a book for fun. We make lists and we take courses – hell, I even teach some on how to make… Read More »You Can’t Give from an Empty Cup

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