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Dare to Lead and Live with Intention

Group Coaching for Women

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What is the problem(s) that need attention?

What if you had a safe place to work on this?

women holding hands at a women's leadership roundtable
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What if you left feeling?

women laughing during a women's leadership coaching session

What is Dare to Lead and Live with Intention?

It’s a group of professional women who want to improve their life and work.  It is a safe place to connect with other women and be able to share the truth of who you are.  The program is five months long, five group calls, five one-on-one calls and you will leave the program with a path, a plan, and an understanding of how making little changes can have a huge impact.  You will also laugh and maybe cry!  You will leave this program connected to these women in a powerful way.  This community will change you.

What you get

a woman journaling before a meeting with her women's leadership coach

What it costs

Dare to Live and Lead with Intention


June 2023  

"This program was worth every penny.  I made friends for life, laughed, cried, and made powerful change in my life. "
Alana Cooper
Executive Director, Monroe-West Monroe Convention and Visitors Bureau
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