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Doing What Matters Most Retreats

Are you tired, out of steam most of the time?  Do you feel there is never enough time for you?  Is your list longer than your day?  Are you always thinking of the shoulds in your life?  I should be a better Mother; I should call my parents, or I should plan a date night. These leave you feeling not enough in any area of your life.  

We have been taught that we eat last.  We can change that paradigm – we can change our lives. Join me for the next Doing What Matters in Life and Leadership retreat.

a heart on a wood table darienne mobley group coaching

Why would you choose to attend?

What if you had a safe place to work on this?

woman with her arms wide after virtual coaching
a woman reflecting on her last women's leadership coaching session

What is the Doing What Matters in Life and Leadership Retreat?

A two and ½ day retreat to reset, recharge and reignite your purpose and life.  Take a moment to review your past year and make plans for the next one. 

What you get

Honesty, Clarity, Insights, Connections, Community, vulnerability, and a plan for moving forward. 

rocking chairs on a porch at a women's leadership roundtable

What it costs

Doing What Matters in Life and Leadership Retreat


This includes: 

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