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At any business or organization, it often helps to take a step back and evaluate your effectiveness.  Does your team have goals?  Do your goals match your stakeholders’ expected return on investment? Darienne takes the pain out of the typical strategy session, making it both fun and productive for your staff or board. She will engage your team in an interactive discussion,  unexpected team-building exercises, collaborative goal setting, and participatory strategy development.  Depending on your needs,  Darienne can tailor the session for a full day of planning or condense it into a few focused hours. Following your session, you will receive a final report outlining Darienne's  strategic planning recommendation for your organization or business.


Success as an organization really comes down to the team members and how they operate together.  Darienne is the expert at getting everyone on the same page in a fun and engaging way.  She also can allow space for team members to express any issues that are getting in the way of moving forward as the most effective team possible.  This ½ day workshop has had tremendous results in other organizations. 


Your organization is only successful when all the team understands the goals and the strategies and participates in creating the plan.  A plan that is orchestrated without input and handed down to the staff is rarely successful.  So, spend a day with Darienne as the facilitator and create a one-year strategic direction outlining the top goals for success in your organization for the coming year.  These goals and strategies will be created by the staff.  The buy-in for these goals will be high because everyone understands what the game plan is.  You will examine your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.  You will create a vision for the organization and then develop the goals and strategies. 

Darienne is passionate about helping others find joy and live fully. She listens and cares deeply while gently guiding and  partnering with you on your journey.

~ Amy Olivero, Dallas, TX