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All of us want to be considered effective leaders.  We have read the books and attended workshops, but are we the best we can be?  Darienne’s life experience has taught her that leadership starts from the inside out.  She believes you can’t lead others effectively until you have done the personal development work first.






Have you been feeling stuck? Do you find yourself rushing around, and not sure if all of the effort is worth it? Have you gotten so busy that you’re not sure what makes sense anymore?

If you’re having any of those feelings, rest assured. You are not alone. Most of us are seeking that delicate work-life balance. All of us want to know that what we do matters in the world.

Together, in this session, we will explore finding more peace of mind in your life. I’ll walk through the steps to cultivate a balanced lifestyle by sharing my strategies for happiness.



Without awareness of new, smarter time management practices, many people will find themselves in a perpetual state of overload, chaos, clutter, and stress. Learn how to overcome the clutter with smarter to-do lists, better schedules, and tricks to make Outlook more effective for you. In this session, participants will learn how to organize their time, mind, spaces and information.






Darienne will lead the participants through exercises and group work to create a vision for your life.  Each of us has a default future or a desired future. She believes that most of us don’t spend much time envisioning our future, we just do the next thing on the list.  How much easier our lives would be if we knew we were moving in the direction of the vision we created. Darienne will share her personal journey and what having a vision has done for her.  The participants will look at all aspects of their lives and work. This is a powerful session.


We are all busy, but are we effective?  We know how to keep our heads down and do the next thing on the list.  But are we doing the important things? Darienne will share her proven methods for managing your life and your time with grace and ease.  Setting the priority for the month, the week and the day will make sure you get the important things done and feel a sense of balance and calmness in your life.


You have been issued Microsoft Outlook because it has so many great features for helping you manage your information, communications, schedules, and workload.  Have you ever had any official training on how to use it?  Without training, most users will plateau out on their own.  Wouldn't it be better to learn how to use it effectively?.


Do you feel misunderstood?  Do you tell your staff what you want them to do, but they don’t seem to get it done, but won’t ask questions?  Do you listen to a conversation and walk away not sure what the topic was? If any of this is true for you, this session is for you.  Darienne will teach you how to communicate effectively and speak your truth in the process. Learn how to really listen effectively. Learn the power of curiosity.  This program will give you the chance to improve all of your relationships at work and home.


Employee stress can cause a significant financial drain to an organization.  Stress-related reasons are the #1 cause of employee absences, workman’s comp and healthcare costs and unmanaged stress can have a negative effect on behavior, relationships and results.  This session will help attendees get smarter about what causes stress, its effects on all aspects of work/life and learn effective tips and methods for improving their health and productivity.

Darienne is a certified trainer with Kimberly Medlock of Smarter Training Matters featuring these highly sought-after productivity topics.  These can all be found at



At any business or organization, it often helps to take a step back and evaluate your effectiveness.  Does your team have goals?  Do your goals match your stakeholders’ expected return on investment? Darienne takes the pain out of the typical strategy session, making it both fun and productive for your staff or board. She will engage your team in an interactive discussion,  unexpected team-building exercises, collaborative goal setting, and participatory strategy development.  Depending on your needs,  Darienne can tailor the session for a full day of planning or condense it into a few focused hours. 




Your organization is only successful when all the team understands the goals and strategies and participates in creating the plan.  A strategy that is orchestrated without input, and handed down to the staff is rarely successful.  Spend a day with Darienne as the facilitator and have your staff create a strategic direction outlining the top goals for success in your organization for the coming year. The buy-in for these goals will be high because everyone understands what the game plan is.  You will examine your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.  You will create a vision for the organization and then develop the goals and strategies. You will learn better communication skills, as well as learning to prioritize your day and life.  This will be a transformative day for your team.



Travel South, USA

Mississippi Governors Conference on Tourism

Louisiana Tourism Summit

Nebraska Conference on Tourism

Montana Governor’s Conference on Tourism

Georgia Tourism Conference

Kentucky Tourism Conference

Kansas Tourism Conference

Alabama Tourism Conference

Phillips 66

Shelbyville, KY CVB

Community Development Institute of Conway, AR

Mississippi Tourism Association – delete Spring Conference

North Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourism Association

Vernon Parish Convention and Visitors Bureau

Ridgeland Convention and Visitors Bureau

Visit Baton Rouge

Tunica Convention and Visitors Bureau

Natchitoches Convention and Visitors Bureau

Hancock County Chamber of Commerce

Lake Charles Convention and Visitors Bureau

Vicksburg Convention and Visitors Bureau

Natchez Convention and Visitors Bureau

Meridian/Lauderdale County Convention and Visitors Bureau

Shreveport Convention and Visitors Bureau

Bayou La Fourche Convention and Visitors Bureau

Cleveland MS Convention and Visitors Bureau

Southeast Tourism Society

Bed and Breakfast Association of Louisiana

Mainstreet Conference for LA and MS

Gray Line Tours – New Orleans, LA

Public Relations Society of America

Louisiana Affordable Housing Management Association

Huntsville Convention and Visitors Bureau


Garden City Community College – KS

Monroe/West Monroe CVB

Mississippi Municipal League

Alexandria CVB

Walton County TDC

Darienne was the keynote speaker for the Georgia Tourism Conference. Her presentation included her life story and the many lessons she has learned along the way.

Darienne’s talk was the highest-rated presentation of our Governor’s Conference. She is witty, inspirational and perhaps most importantly, she is authentic. Her story comes straight from the heart, and it spoke to our attendees in a way few others can. We would have her back in a heartbeat!

Kevin Langston - Deputy Commissioner, Tourism Division, Georgia Dept. of Economic Development

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