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Keynotes & Workshops

Darienne Mobley, PCC

Speaker & Facilitator

"Darienne’s talk was the highest-rated presentation of our Governor’s Conference. She is witty, inspirational and perhaps most importantly, she is authentic."
Kevin Langston
Deputy Commissioner, Tourism Division, Georgia Dept. of Economic Development

As a meeting planner, finding the right speakers is always difficult.  Will they be as good as you hope? Are they worth the fee?  And, the big question, will your participants remember that speaker and congratulate you on a job well done?

I have been the meeting planner and now I am the speaker.  Can I just be bold?  Can I just tell you that speaking is my thing?  I am that good.  

Put me in front of your audience.

Darienne posing by wall for pictures.

Keynote Topics

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Leading from the Inside Out

A signature program

All of us want to be powerful leaders.  We have read the books and attended workshops, but are we the best we can be?  Darienne’s life experience has taught her that leadership starts from the inside out.  She believes you can’t lead others effectively until you have done the personal development work first.  

Do Life Better

Have you been feeling stuck? Are you busy but not sure you are effective?  You are not alone. Most of us are seeking to blend our work with our lives. All of us want to know that what we do matters in the world.  We will explore finding more peace in your life. I’ll walk through the steps to cultivate a balanced lifestyle by sharing my strategies for happiness.

a man smiling and feeling great after a virtual coaching session
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Getting it All Done with Grace and Ease

Focus and priority are the key components to getting it all done.  Being clear about which things on your list move you forward and which ones just waste time.  How to minimize the time wasters and feel more grace and ease in your day.  

Workshops/Breakout Topics

The Clarity Piece

Create a vision for their life in this session.  Does that sound doable – it absolutely is.  We will roll our sleeves up and get messy.  Participants will leave with a visual map to their dreams.  

a woman journaling before a meeting with her women's leadership coach
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Smarter Priorities Matter

We are all busy, but are we effective?  We know how to keep our heads down and do the next thing on the list.  But are we doing the important things? Darienne will share her proven methods for managing your life and your time.

Get Organized with Outlook

There is so much more that Outlook can do to add time to your day.  Learn the tips and tricks to make Outlook keep you organized and save you time.

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a heart on a wood table darienne mobley group coaching

Communicating with Heart

Improve all of your relationships by learning how to speak up the right way.  How to have a difficult conversation without it blowing up into a fight.  This session creates powerful relationships in life/work.

Darienne is a certified trainer with Kimberly Medlock of Smarter Training Matters featuring these highly sought-after productivity topics.  These can all be found here. 


Regional Speaking Engagements – $3500

National Speaking Engagements – $5500

Regional speaking engagements are considered anything within 350-mile radius.  National is anything farther than 350 miles.

*I do negotiate based on availability and location of event

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