Women's Leadership and Personal Growth Coaching

Teaching individuals and teams how to be their most effective and successful is what I do.   In both cases, you will have greater awareness of what is important in your life/work.  You will feel greater peace and fulfilment and confidence.  I will take you through a process that allows you and/or your team to communicate more truthfully, improve your relationships and have greater satisfaction. 

How I do that is through Intentional Action.  That is the process I use with all of my clients.  All of my work comes from the four processes listed below.

Intentional Action – whether you are an individual or an organization, the process to focus on what matters is the same.

  • Clarity (what do you really want in your life)
  • Intuition (the ability to get quiet and trust that voice within)
  • Priority (not just being busy, but being productive means setting your priorities)
  • Truth (speaking up in your life and your career; having difficult conversations; setting boundaries)

The ways that we can work together are listed on the menu below.  Whether I am speaking to your organization or working with you one on one – the results for you are the same.

One-on-One Personal Growth Coaching


Women's Leadership Roundtable


Doing What Matters Virtual Course


Keynote Speaking & Workshops


Staff Training & Productivity Coaching


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