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What People Say


"You are genuine. You are honest. You are the guidance counselor our inner person needs. You provide a safe place to share our fears, our hurts, our hangups, our hearts and mind, yet you don’t judge but help to walk us through the tough decisions, the hard times, and celebrate the wins."
Alana Cooper
Executive Director, Monroe- West Monroe Convention and Visitors Bureau
"You help you clients laugh. Your perspective is balanced and not taking things to seriously. We don’t feel an overwhelming list of things to change after we talk but rather attainable goals with action steps. I feel lighter after talking to you. Something you have set up that I feel is truly unique is the ability to connect people and expand our communities through the Women’s Leadership Roundtable. Not only do you personally help people but you are able to expand client friendships, partnerships and work relationships. I think this is huge especially in this closed off virtual time in our lives. You create opportunities for people to keep and create community."
Kim Foster
President, Foster Relations
"What makes Darienne such an effective facilitator is her experience. I call her the board and staff whisperer."
Timothy P. Bush
TMP, CDME, Executive Director, Bayou Lafourche Area Convention & Visitors Bureau
"Darienne was inspiring and funny. We laughed and cried and were filled with a renewed spirit."
Gayla Nelson
Program Chairman, Aldersgate Methodist Church
"Coaching with Darienne has helped me grow tremendously on both a personal and professional level. I have achieved the work – life balance which I had been so badly wanting for years. "
Magan Adams O’Hara
"Darienne’s perspective has been an invaluable resource to me and my company as I navigate the day-to-day stresses and challenges. She guides, doesn’t direct. She nudges, doesn’t push. She’s curious, not judgmental. She listens, doesn’t interrupt. And most importantly, she cares."
Carrie DeVries Pavlick
"Darienne has been a huge asset. She has a wonderful ability to communicate in a way that helped me reach my potential through understanding my strengths and weaknesses."
Zondra White Jones
St. Tammany Parish Tourist Commission
"Darienne’s talk was the highest-rated presentation of our Governor’s Conference. She is witty, inspirational and perhaps most importantly, she is authentic."
Kevin Langston
Deputy Commissioner, Tourism Division, Georgia Dept. of Economic Development
"One of the best things that came out of our retreat facilitated by Darienne Inc. was the fact that all our board members were motivated. Today, our board members still talk about how this has been the best retreat."
W. Chandler LeBoeuf
M.Ed. Executive Director of Institutional Advancement & Fletcher Foundation Fletcher Technical Community College
"Thought-provoking tales that provide the listener with tidbits of her experience, wisdom, and her God-given gift of gab. You’ll laugh, you might cry, and you’ll walk away a better leader if you pay attention."
Jeannea Spence
Indispensable Coaching
"The indomitable Darienne is one of the true treasures for the travel industry. Her company is our GO-TO agency for projects that require the right mix of strategy and tactical organization."
Liz Bittner
President and CEO, Travel South, USA
"Darienne is one of the most intelligent and innovative leaders that I have had the opportunity to work within the tourism industry across our great country."
Kyle Edmiston
CDME, Executive Director, Lake Charles Convention and Visitors Bureau
"When seeking a facilitator who has a dynamic personality and vast understanding of the tourism industry, we looked no further than Darienne Mobley."
Shelley Johnson
LCTP, CDME, Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana CVB
"Darienne’s programs are very engaging, and attendees certainly go away with numerous ideas for both professional and personal development."
Mary Beth Wilkerson
Executive Director, Ridgeland Tourism Commission
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