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I have been dancing as fast as I can for most of my life trying to make you like me. I became what I thought you wanted me to be. Doing me didn’t seem like enough. I would surely disappoint others if they knew me. I believed that having the approval of others (always fickle) was the most important barometer of my wellbeing.

Finding my voice and speaking my truth have been the lessons that I needed to learn in this life. I am still finding out what choosing happy is for me – and thought maybe you could learn from my experiences on how to choose you and your own happy.

My book is filled with thoughtful exercises that make you reflect deep down inside with intention and purpose. It makes you want to be honest with yourself.  You will relate because I share my own experiences vulnerably.  I am open, honest, and raw. I provide you with the resources and tools to help organize your thoughts, your daily tasks as well as your goals and purpose.

“I Dare YOU to Choose "Happy"! What Are You Waiting For?” ~Darienne

Darienne shares her own journey to happiness in this book, while providing an effective roadmap for others to follow. She brings these concepts to life with generosity and grace, and her words are wise and relatable. The exercises she invites you to complete will inspire you to dare to be happy yourself.
Fredi Baker
Master Certified Coach
Being a proud Dad, I couldn't wait for my early copy of 'Dare To Choose Happy'. Darienne has shared the highs and lows of her successful journey to being one of the leading speakers and life-coaches in the country. You will surely benefit from her easy to read-easy to understand life lessons, handling unusual situations, interacting with those we encounter on our personal journey !!
Dennis Oliver
Authentic and vulnerable, 'Dare to Choose Happy' encompasses all that Darienne regularly advocates for with her devoted clients. If you read one book this year, choose this one. Happy is a truly a choice that you make one day, one moment at a time. 'Dare to Choose Happy' can be the catalyst to get you there...if you choose.
Anne Klenke
'Dare to Choose Happy' is a great, digestible read that provides simple, actionable insights. I love the way Darienne so simply drills down to the basics of what it takes to improve your ease and grace in decision-making and prioritizing. I highly recommend to anyone who feels like they can never find their way off the hamster wheel.
Robyn Bridges
Auburn-Opelika Tourism
Writing Dare to Choose Happy was an incredible experience and I am excited to share this book with the world.
Through it, I hope to inspire others to take some time to focus on themselves and their own personal happiness. I created Dare to Choose Happy to provide a practical approach to finding your own happiness and creating a balanced life.
With the help of the tools and strategies outlined in the book, I hope that readers will be able to start their own journey to finding their own happiness.
At Darienne Inc., we believe that everyone can find their own unique happiness and create a meaningful and balanced life. We are dedicated to helping others reach their potential and live their best lives.
Through the book, Dare to Choose Happy, I am proud to bring our coaching experience to readers to help them on their journey to discovering their personal happiness, and I am excited to see what our readers will accomplish.
Darienne Mobley one on on coaching, executive coaching, virtual coaching