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How to Lead: Inside Out

paper cranes in formation darienne mobley women's leadership coaching

The concept of Leadership has always been kind of fuzzy for me.  How do you know when you are doing it right?  Is it when team members like you, or when you reach a goal as an organization?  Is it when you handle a dispute well?  Do you have to be able to “wow” an audience to be a good leader?   

I believe that Leadership is just relationships with results.

In order to be the best leader you can be – you need to have done your own personal development growth work.  You need to know your own gifts and talents, your vision for ourselves, and for your organization to be clear about who you are.  When you are clear, you can get out of your own way to lead with grace and intention. 

I call the process of working with my clients Intentional Action and includes these four elements:

  • Clarity – what do you want?
  • Intuition – what does your gut say?
  • Priority – what should you be focused on?
  • Truth – what difficult conversations do you need to have?

This process helps leaders deal directly and honestly with their teams.  They are clear about communicating their expectations and priorities.  They deal with team members honestly and efficiently.  They do not let things fester.   They speak up when they need to.

Good leaders stay in their lane.  If you are better communicating one-on-one – do THAT!  If you are better at motivating the team – then do THAT!  Lead your way to be your best.  

What are your challenges?  Where do you struggle? (I would say that it is usually tied to your own sense of not being sure.)  What is the best next step for YOU?

Would you like to dig deeper into my 4 Intentional Actions in more detail? Contact me to schedule your first women’s leadership coaching appointment.

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