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Why Pick a Word of the Year?

be brave in 2022 with women's executive coaching

One Word. Just one word that reminds you about your focus and priority for this year. Ask yourself “what I do I want to be, do, or have this year?” Make a list. Start editing. You want your word to inspire you — to resonate with you. 

I’ve picked a word of the year for the past several years. Each year, I think about what really matters – is it trust? Or authentic, dare or peace?  Maybe balance is the right word for you.  

My word for 2022 is BRAVE, and for me that means to be brave in speaking up and in saying yes to things that scare me – and also brave enough to say no to what doesn’t work.

Once I pick my word, I find a way to remind me every day. Try creating a screen saver on your laptop or phone to create a reminder.

A word of the year helps you stay focused on what really matters. This keeps you moving toward your best life. 

Pick a word and see how it helps you.  I promise you will do life better in 2022.

Start Your Women’s Leadership Coaching Journey This Year

Choose to do life better in 2022. If you need help picking your word of the year, or if you need help setting priorities for 2022, contact me today to start your coaching journey.

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