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What Does Dare to be Happy Look Like for You

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I had the opportunity to work with four amazing women in my signature group coaching program called, ‘The Happiness Journey’.  For three months, these women set three intentions that were important to them and worked to create them.  They dug deep to determine what happiness looks like for them and what they are missing or what is getting in the way of having that.   I have had a chance to really get to know these women and they have gotten to know each other.  I have watched them be vulnerable with each other – watched the veils of who we want the world to see us as change to who we really are.  I appreciate the difficulty it takes to strip down and say to someone else – this is not working in my life.  Each of them have grown in their own ways and I believe are more clear about what happiness look like for them and each are making that a priority in their lives.

When did we get so busy that our own happiness slipped off the to do list?  If pressed, most of us cannot verbalize what happiness looks like.  This is what I know makes me happy:

My beach house in Ocean Springs

A long lunch with my amazing daughter

A glass of wine with my husband

A good laugh with my friends

Reading a great book

A hot bath

Listening to music

What does your list look like?

One observation I have of the Happiness Journey women is that they are brave.  They have big jobs, big lives and big responsibilities.  They take on a lot and set very high expectations for themselves.  In most cases, the person pushing them the hardest to work harder, work longer, be a better parent, spouse or partner is themselves.

What has become important in my own growth is to have an intention of acceptance.  Acceptance of myself.  Acceptance of how well I was able to do yoga, or how well I did on my diet today or how many hours I worked or how perfect the presentation was this week.  Acceptance that all of it was ok.  I did the best that I could do in that moment.  Not another person’s best – but mine.  And that is ok – it is even great!

I ask all of you to set an intention to accept yourself where you are today.  That doesn’t mean that you don’t have goals or dreams that you are working towards, but be accepting of who you are today.  There are not good or bad decisions or days – there are just consequences for our actions.  If I eat those nachos – it is not a bad thing – it just means that I won’t reach my weight loss goal for this week.  Maybe that is ok too.

I believe that acceptance and gratitude go hand in hand.  Be grateful today for your blessings.  Look around and quietly observe all the really great things about your life today.

Today, my intention is acceptance of myself – I am good enough today!  Whatever I accomplish or however many checks I make on my to do list are enough.  Today, I will speak to myself as if I were my best friend.  Relax, breathe and enjoy this day.

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