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Happiness 2.0

woman running on a beach after virtual coaching

Finding Happiness with One on One Coaching

Four years ago, I was happy, blessed and felt guilty if I ever dared admit that I wasn’t satisfied. I was stuck, but I couldn’t even say it out loud. I knew something had to shift.

I decided to give coaching a try and hired a personal growth coach. Through the coaching process, I admitted to my coach that I was coasting – not living my life full out. Together, we examined my vision (I did not have one before that), my goals, and my gifts. I felt inspired and ready to dig a little deeper.

Next, we started the more challenging part – making changes and taking action! Change can be scary. Sometimes it’s more comfortable to stay where we are than to step out into something new. I would take two steps forward, and then fear would step in, and I would fall back. My inner critic, which says, “You are not good enough” spoke up loudly when I would try something new. That critic was trying to keep me safe – to keep me from failing. I realized I needed to fall and get back up. Now that voice is still there, but it whispers. I can choose to listen or not. I prefer to listen to my wisest self – my intuition. That voice within us that’s always moving us toward our best life.

Fast forward four years, I am now a personal growth coach and a full-time personal development speaker and trainer. I have chosen to fill my life with people and work that lift me up. Today, I did a yoga class, went to Starbucks and took an online course I’ve been putting off. In the grocery style aisle, I suddenly realized – I am there! I am happy and fulfilled, and while I haven’t wholly accomplished my vision, I can see the path to get there.

I do give my coach a lot of credit for pushing me, for making me question the status quo and for forcing me to speak up about what I wanted in my life. I also give myself credit for doing the hard work that it took to uncover the answers to all of those questions.

As a personal growth coach myself now, I get to work with people who are successful, smart and kind; People who want to make a change, even if they don’t know what that is. I had someone say to me recently, “I thought you had to have it all together to work with a coach; had to know what you were going to work on.” I told her that part of the work is uncovering what we would work on together.

Coaching is powerful. There are just no two ways about it. I am not powerful – my clients are. I don’t create success – my clients do.
So, today I am aware that I am living the dream that I shared all those years ago. A dream where I had space and freedom and choice. I have all of those things.

Women’s Leadership Coaching with Darienne

If you’re ready to set out on your journey toward happiness and personal fulfillment, contact me today. My women’s leadership coaching services can help you unlock your true potential.

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