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What is Your Word of the Year?

scrabble tiles spelling out the word adventure

Every year, I sit down and go through a process of deciding what one word sums up what is most important to me for the upcoming year.  What do I want to be, do or have?  I write down a lot of words and start to edit them until I come up with the one that fits. 

Let me explain why I do this.  One word is easy to remember.  One word can be repeated often.  If it is not a goal or a “should” in your life – it is just a reminder of who you want to be.  My words have been Allow, Abundant, and for 2020 it is Trust

For me, that means to trust the process, to trust the people in my life, to trust that my clients are getting what they need from me, to trust myself, and to trust that there will be enough. 

These are a few of the words that my clients have picked:  Joy, Hopeful, Abundant, Honest, Present.  I know from pushing my clients to pick their word of the year that it has become a focus of what is important to them.  We are much more likely to create what we focus on. 

This is my process.  Generate a list of possible words and start to pick at least 3-4 that resonate with you.  Next, start asking yourself these questions:

  • Why do I think this is the best word for me? 
  • If I embodied this word, what would be different for me on an average day? 
  • What could I attract this year if this was my word?

Once you have it, remember it!  Set it up as a reminder on your phone.  Say it out loud during your day.  I know that just one word can make an impact on how your year goes.  Try it and let me know how it’s going for you. 

As you have heard me say, what we focus on expands.   Why not focus on what you want to be, do or have this year?  Pick your word and see what happens.

If you are ready to work on your word of the year – download this FREE worksheet on creating your word!

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