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When You Can’t Control the Circumstances, What Do You Control?

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As I enter Day 26 of being isolated and quarantined, I am conscious of this ‘out of control feeling’ that I am experiencing.  Most of what is happening is out of our control.  I am not an expert in how to best get through this.  I am struggling right along with you.  It is interesting that my clients are all going through the exact same thing at the same time.  I know that we are all going through this in our own ways – some better than others.  I try to take note each day of how I am feeling.  It helps to allow myself to feel whatever comes up.  Some days, I am more positive more upbeat while others I can watch Netflix all day and zone out.  

I am not sure if this will be relevant to you.  I struggle with what my role is in my business during this time.  Do I hide?  Go offline completely?  Or do I show up as someone who is messy and vulnerable.  As I write this, I know the answer.  Show up.

This is what I know.  We control us.  We control how we show up to this crazy.  We have an opportunity each day to decide what we need and what needs our focus.  I have seen for me that a few things are important.

Connection – we have a human need to connect and this is isolating.  Reach out every day to someone to check on them. 

Movement and nature – I need to exercise in some way and be outside.  This lifts my energy level and appreciation for what I do have.

Structure – this is something I didn’t know I needed.  I need to make my bed, do my quiet time, put on a Saturday face (makeup).  And, do a little work.  

Quiet Time – this is always a biggie on my list.  So, you have probably heard me talking about it.  We all need to get quiet and just be for a few minutes each day.  Start with five minutes.  

Note your feelings – they don’t go away.  If we stuff them down, they show up on our credit cards from too much online shopping, on our hips from too much eating or too many hangovers from too much wine.  Take a moment and note how you are feeling and share it with someone you trust.  Ask them how they are feeling as well.  My feelings have gone from scared to optimistic to determined and back again.  

Some questions to consider:

What have I learned about myself during this crisis?

What would be the most productive use of my time this month? 

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