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Watching Women Find Their Wings

woman soaring after women's leadership coaching

In my job, I enjoy watching my clients figure out something or see something from a new perspective.  I watch the transformation that what they want and need matters.  What is surprising is that we all need that push — that nudge to put ourselves on the list, or to put on our running shoes when we don’t feel like it.  These are the wings we need to fly.

A few weeks ago, I asked a client what was most important to her.  She sat with the question for a minute and said that what she wanted to say was – ‘Me First,’ but she couldn’t because someone might see her as selfish if she answered that way.  What if we could be a little more “selfish?”  What if we all just took care of ourselves first? I believe that is what God intended for us.  We can’t give from an empty cup. 

Another client told me how exhausted she was, and how much she wanted to take a few days off, but she could never find the time.  It is so easy to see the solution for her from my perspective – everyone else is more important to her than she is.  She doesn’t feel worthy.  She has never put herself first and therefore, there is never time for her to do what she wants to.

Last week, I hosted four women for a retreat in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  This was their second retreat with me.  They came back because what they got out of the first one was magical.  They formed a community where they could just be themselves and be vulnerable.  We all need that kind of connection, and I used to think I was the only one who didn’t have that safe place to connect.  We created a nurturing space for these women, and it mattered to them.  In this retreat, we dug deeper, and I am now watching as each one of these women is putting themselves first and doing the work to create the major priorities they have set for themselves.  It may look small from the outside — cleaning out a closet, exercising, facing fear –  but little steps are what lead us to big change.  I am watching these women find their wings. 

I love the process of helping women get clear.  That is the first piece.  I understand it because I was not clear about what I wanted in my life.  And, when I got clear – the earth moved, and things started to change.  I was able to change where I live, what I do for a living and how I show up in the world.  I believe that God or the Universe will give us the wings to make a change when we can say out loud what we want. 

Wings are the stuff that dreams are made of and help us take the steps to get us to the next chapter.  Wings are simple everyday steps that create those bigger realities that we didn’t think were possible.  I would not have believed that my life could have changed so dramatically by taking the steps.  I am blessed, but, really, I just did the work that I now can share with my clients. 

Start Your Journey With a Women’s Leadership Coach

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