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What is Your Word of the Year?

Every year, I sit down and go through a process of deciding what one word sums up what is most important to me for the upcoming year.  What do I want to be, do or have?  I write down a lot of words and start to edit them until I come up with the one that fits.  Let me explain why I do this.  One word is easy to remember.  One word can be repeated often.  If it is not a goal or a “should”… Read More »What is Your Word of the Year?

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How to Make a Change for the New Year

What would have the most significant change in 2020 for you? Each January, I make the list — as I have for many years — of all the things I want to give up or do better.   I want to be healthier I want to give up drinking I want to save money this year I want to be a better sister, daughter, wife, and mother In other words, I want to do this thing called “life,” better. The truth is that I never stick… Read More »How to Make a Change for the New Year

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Looking Back – Looking Forward

I like to take some time in the craziness of December to first look back over the past year and then look forward to the new year. This gives me perspective and appreciation for what was accomplished instead of focusing on what I didn’t get done. My practice is easy and it is a great exercise to appreciate the past year and to anticipate what will matter in the next one.  I hope you will take the time to do the exercise below for yourself. Let’s get started… Read More »Looking Back – Looking Forward

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4 Key Strategies in Being Your Best in Daily Intentional Actions

Intentional Action – the key to productivity  I have been coaching clients for several years.  I just reached my 1000th hour of personal growth coaching.  In that time, I have realized that the piece that most of my clients want help with is how to be less busy; how to find time for themselves; how to reduce the stress and anxiety in their lives and how to be healthier.  What I have developed is a strategy or a process for getting what you want with… Read More »4 Key Strategies in Being Your Best in Daily Intentional Actions

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Watching Women Find Their Wings

In my job, I enjoy watching my clients figure out something or see something from a new perspective.  I watch the transformation that what they want and need matters.  What is surprising is that we all need that push — that nudge to put ourselves on the list, or to put on our running shoes when we don’t feel like it.  These are the wings we need to fly. A few weeks ago, I asked a client what was most important to her.  She sat… Read More »Watching Women Find Their Wings

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60 Years Old – Starting the 3rd Act!

I will turn 60 on September 7. That is a milestone – a chance to take stock of the life you have lived and look ahead and ask – What now? This is better than the first day of school when you got to decide how you wanted to show up in whatever grade you were in. There isn’t fear at 60 that you won’t be good enough or that you will fail. But there is a need for me to make conscious choices of… Read More »60 Years Old – Starting the 3rd Act!

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Doing What Matters

Doing What Matters is my new tagline for my company.  It fits the clients I work with because we’re all trying to do what matters.  We all have long lists and want the crazy of our lives to be headed somewhere.  As individuals and organizations, we have got to start taking a look at our lists and asking some questions to determine our priorities.  I was recently asked to be on a panel of women leaders.  One of the questions was – When have you ever… Read More »Doing What Matters

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You are Both Strong and Vulnerable

I am strong, confident and successful. I’m also weak, insecure and a failure. Both of these statements are true. And, I bet they are for you too. What I’ve done in my life is to try to live somewhere in the middle, in that sweet spot between strong and weak. If I’m too strong, then that gets perceived as bitchy; If I’m too weak, then that gets seen as pitiful.  By trying to avoid going too forward toward one end of the spectrum or the… Read More »You are Both Strong and Vulnerable

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When It’s Okay, to Not Be Okay

I am not ok. I don’t have it all together. I need help sometimes. We have been taught that vulnerability is a sign of weakness — and that showing weakness is a bad thing.   Is it?  Do you think less of a friend that shows up and is honest about what’s really going on?  I’ll bet that instead, you lean in to help.  I know I would.  I’ve been blessed with four best buds.  They love me, listen to me, and offer me guidance, advice,… Read More »When It’s Okay, to Not Be Okay

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What do I need?

Do you know the answer to that question?  I ask myself that every morning in my quiet time.  It is such a simple question and my answers are usually the same – I need to get that project finished; I need to buy milk; I need to exercise; I need to talk to a friend; I need to read a book for fun. We make lists and we take courses – hell, I even teach some on how to make lists and get it all… Read More »What do I need?